Since being founded in July of 2017, The Performance Group Basketball Association (TPG Basketball) has been on a roll as one of Ontario’s fastest-growing and top-performing elite youth basketball organizations. Our athletes embraced the challenge right from the start, doing so with energy that resulted in excellent early success, including winning Canadian Youth Basketball League D1 Championships in both 2018 and 2020, as well as Gold medals at the Ontario Provincial Championship level in 2019 and 2023.

2023 also saw our boys achieve new levels of success as they went on to win top honours at the inaugural Nike Made Hoops Jr. Finale National Championship, in Augusta, South Carolina.

TPG Basketball is a boutique-sized club where the emphasis is not placed on creating and fielding countless teams. Instead, our focus is on providing a "consistent" club experience and on achieving the following key objectives:

1. Developing player talent
2. Generating high-calibre on-court basketball outcomes
3. Being a positive influence in the overall growth of each player as their families work to secure their futures.

To this end, and as our name implies, we desire to see our players develop the ABILITY and DRIVE to PERFORM at a high level not only on the basketball court … but most importantly, also in the classroom and on life’s broader stage.

The club was founded on the principles of mentorship and teamwork, and is run by a passionate and talented group of executives, coaches, managers and volunteers. Good sportsmanship is a key foundational message communicated to all players, as it is a component of good character and an attribute our players will need as they develop into leaders and contributing members of society.

Our teams compete in various highly competitive leagues and increasingly on the AAU circuits. TPG Basketball is also a member of the Ontario Basketball Association and is a supporter of Ontario and Canada Basketball development principles. We believe that exposure to a diverse set of competitive channels provides our players with the best opportunity to 1) develop their skills, 2) test themselves both physically and emotionally as competitors, 3) establish lasting friendships and 4) grow as leaders. Targeted participant ages will range from 5-17. Our current teams range from Grade 3 through 9.

The Performance Group Basketball Association is a Brampton-based, federally incorporated non-profit organization.


Alfred Brown – Co-Founder/President

Elvis Dennis – Co-Founder/Senior Head Coach


Courageous competitors …inspiring play … wonderful experiences



We want to provide a true alternative to larger “institutional” size clubs. The focus is on creating and providing a “high-touch” club experience with parents able to get to know leadership, and leadership able to “connect” and meaningfully assistance in the development of each player.

Good Communication. We view this as critical to our success. We strive for regular communication touch points to keep families up to speed and engaged.

Our #1 Stakeholders = Families.

Togetherness. Nothing hampers performance more than division and strife.

TPG Basketball is committed to fostering a safe and enjoyable environment for our players, families and volunteers. Such an environment is founded on a culture of RESPECT. TPG expects ALL participants in our programs to conduct themselves with a high degree of respect for players, fellow teammates, opposing teams, coaches, club leadership, managers, fans and officials.


Creating a Winning Culture. If we are going to commit time to this game….we need to dominate. We’re setting a high standard. Training is Foundational and Reputational. Players need the right tools. We have the right people.

Competition at an Elite Level. In everything you do, give it your best. Lead by example. Trust the process and keep asking yourself, “What have I done today to make my game (and my life) better?” Winning is largely a by-product of HARD WORK.

Secure the Future. We want to see our players develop the ability and the drive to perform as well in the classroom, and in life, as they perform on the court.